Monday, July 13, 2009

I thought that this is a great board to start my blog. It is the essence of the the modern production board that every brand was producing from "58" though "64".
It's root's originate from the Velzy Jacobs era. With the focus on wide point back and a large "D" fin to keep board high in the water and still have the ability to turn.
As a surf community we are seeing the wisdom of that age with the design coming back with a vengeance. Ask yourself, do you need a big ass nose? I think not. With the modern tweaking the boards can preform better than ever. I love the variety of bottom contours , rails to concave, and fin templates that I have experimented with while keeping the outline pure.
You will see many a piglet on this blog to come. One more interesting note the red tint was not being done until around "65" all color was done after the board was sanded.



    pigs are the future

  2. hey matt !

    love the piglet its stunning , keep up the good work .

    Finchy :)

  3. Love it ,can't wait for you to shape me one . Tim

  4. Killer Board Matt, have you surfed it yet?

  5. I've just checkout a pig from Daniell Costa from Portugal in mediterraneum waves....... i guess it is the right shape to enjoy this points.

    Great to meet you, i'll follow your blog and your job, maestro!!!

    Pd.- some big guy from spain