Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mini Simmon

I've been inspired and in awe since I first saw these boards. They deviated so far for the norm of any era. Not until now have we as a surf community attempted to understand and apply his concepts to a practical modern surf craft.

I have always loved to experiment and challenge my shaping skill and this board does that. The first one I shaped was a balsa 8'0'' twin keel for Sean Mattison about three years ago.

This board is 5'3" with a spoon nose, slight displacement forward, and a singe concave out the tail. I really tried to keep to the original concept. The only difference is the single foiled fins with a more modern cant . I foiled these fins myself out of red wood to give a More unique look.


  1. Hello matt i like so much this model , the fins are beautiful .Thank you for the good job.
    see you Damien

  2. Hello Matt i like so much this model.The fins are beautiful , thank you for the good job .
    See you

  3. you should make a 4'10 for people to demo

  4. Matt, I've gotten a few calls for these. If you want I'll take orders.